Clap For Our Carers: Support NHS Workers in Penarth and Across the UK

  Posted: 25.03.20 at 16:00 by The Editor

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This Thursday, we are encouraging every resident in Penarth to take place in the Clap For Our Carers campaign to recognise the important work that they have been doing during the battle against the coronavirus.

Clap For Our Carers is a global trend that has been taking place in different countries across the world. The date and time for the UK's event is tomorrow (26th of March) at 8 pm.

The organiser behind the UK event, Anne Marie Plas, said: ''The goal is to get everyone to clap for everyone that works in the front line: Doctors, Nurses, GPs, Pharmacists, Carers and EVERYONE related at the front line of this virus.

''In Spain, France and the Netherlands they have already done this. And being a Dutch Londoner, I want to pass this on in the country I feel so at home, and the NHS had been nothing but amazing to my family and myself.

''And on the 26th make sure to stream via Social Media (Insta, Facebook, Twitter, etc), and make sure on the 26th to stream, upload your clapping and use the hashtag #clapforourcarers.''

We all know someone locally who is working hard in the fight against the coronavirus. Many NHS workers will live and reside in Penarth. We are encouraging everyone to show their support to those on the front line of fighting this virus.

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