60 Year Old Business Adapts to the Changing Times With Grocery Delivery Service

  Posted: 25.03.20 at 13:29 by The Editor

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A B Snell and Son has launched a grocery delivery service in order to help those who cannot visit their store during the coronavirus pandemic.

The store, locally known as Snells, has been a part of the Penarth shopping scene for over 60 years and is well-used by all ages.

The business has always been a popular stop-off for children, on their way to and from school, with the pick 'n' mix selection and slush puppies in the summer.

However, even the long-established sites in the town have had to learn to adapt in the latest coronavirus crisis and this corner store has done just that.

They are offering a free delivery service to local residents for toiletries, household items, groceries and a selection of chilled items.

UPDATE (27.03.2020):
Snells have announced that due to the huge demand for their free home delivery service they will deliver to all areas of Penarth every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They will then be restocking the store on Tuesday and Thursday.

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Please visit their website to access their order form. You will need to download the order form in order to amend it. Alternatively, email the order to [email protected]

All orders are subject to availability and there is a minimum spend of £10.

Richard Snell said: ''People are being very pragmatic about it all. It is what it is and it's important to take every day as it comes.

''We have launched a delivery service to people in the fullest of senses. But, every day is another day. We are all adapting as we are going along. The community are accepting it and have been very supportive.

''We’ve teamed up with people who are helping us do some deliveries. People have even come in to offer to deliver voluntarily to help the community out which is just fantastic.

''The shop is still open currently as we are classified as an essential service but we have tight controls in place (including, a one in one out rule for walk-in customers). Most people are adhering to the rules. After, Monday night’s announcement I think it is sinking in how serious it all is.''

You can order deliveries from Snells by calling 02920 708185 or email [email protected]

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