Masks made mandatory in Stanwell School

  Posted: 11.09.20 at 16:47 by Alex Jones

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In line with today's (11 September) shift in the Welsh Government's advice, Stanwell School has announced students will have to wear face masks "when moving indoors around the school" when they return to school on Monday.

Previously the masks were simply "recommended", and Nub News has heard reports that very few students have been wearing them.

In an email to parents, the school said:

At the end of the first week with all our year groups back in school, we are pleased to report that the pupils have adapted very well to the new systems in place. Entrance and exits, breaktimes and lunchtimes are running very smoothly for each separate year group and the one-way system around school is now well-established with each year group.

Now that this has been achieved, we will be re-integrating Year 7 and 8 pupils into the normal lesson changeover routine instead of lining the pupils up at every lesson changeover in their designated outdoor area. This means that, from Monday 14th September, no teaching time will be lost for Years 7 and 8.

For this progress to be achieved, it is important that all pupils who are able to use face coverings ensure that they are wearing their masks on the corridors and stairs. As you know, the World Health Organisation, Welsh Government and Vale of Glamorgan Local Authority have all strongly recommended that masks are worn by all children aged 11+ in communal areas unless exemptions apply.

Therefore, from Monday 14th September, it will be mandatory for all pupils of Stanwell School to wear masks when moving indoors around the school unless they are exempt.

Further advice on the wearing of masks can be found here:

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