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  Posted: 21.05.20 at 10:40 by The Editor

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We have recently been inundated with requests by the people of Penarth who want our dedicated local news service more accessible.

We have therefore decided to launch a free weekly email newsletter - This will bring your number one community news and information service even closer.

The newsletter will also contain a weekly deal or offer from an exclusively local Penarth business (that you won't find on our website). One of our principles is to support local businesses (see our free local listing page).

Over 15,000 people from the Penarth area now regularly read Penarth Nub News.

Signing up to our weekly newsletter will give you access to everything that's going around you in your local community at the tip of your fingers.

We will be serving up relevant, interesting and valuable stories that relate to your interests and local topics from Penarth; we will update you about community news, issues and stories directly from our town to your pocket.

NEW WEEKLY NEWSLETTER!! Keep your town in your pocket.

Whether it's a hard-hitting, relevant story or a heartwarming and entertaining tale - you'll want to read it.

Plus we will deliver regular information about key events and local services.

What's not to like? Sign up now for your one-stop, personal news service! And please tell your friends too.

Find the link at the top of our news page.

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