Penarth athlete carries 100kg over 100km for charity

  Posted: 21.04.21 at 11:36 by Ellyn Wright

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A Penarth athlete and strong-man has completed 100km around Cardiff Bay while carrying 100kg to raise money for Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity.

Max Glover took on the challenge wearing a rucksack full of dumbbells, weighing 102% of his bodyweight.

He completed his fundraiser yesterday and after nine days of walking has raised almost £900.

“It’s part of the charity’s Hearts vs Lungs Challenge, where you pick a team and race to see which can raise the most money and complete the longest distance,” Max told Nub News.

“I took part as Team Lungs, and it all helps motivate us to raise money.
“This is the second year I’ve raised money for this charity. Two years and two days ago, my friend had a double lung transplant there.

“Her quality of life improved so much after the procedure, and there's not really anywhere else in the country that can do these sorts of things.

“I do these kind of challenges for fun, so I wanted to raise money for the charity that helped my friend.

“Plus after Covid these charities have lost out on so much fundraising,” he said.

Max, a former Royal Marine, completed the challenge walking along the Cardiff Bay barrage, Mermaid Quay and up Penarth Hill.

“Random people were shouting encouragement or stopped me to ask what I was doing and donate,” said Max.

“My watch broke at the start, so I knew the barrage was 1km as a fallback to keep tracking my distance.”

Max gained national attention last year, when he scaled Garth mountain with a piano strapped to his back.

He completed this most recent challenge just two months after rupturing both his Achilles tendons.

“I’m usually quite last-minute, something will pop into my head and I’ll go ‘right let’s do it!’,” said Max.

“I decided to do this challenge a week before. “For the first time I actually don’t have an idea about what to do next.

“I think I’m going to catch up on some work as I’m writing a couple of books, rest, and carry on with gentle training.”

You can donate to Max’s fundraiser HERE

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