Author heads to Penarth for an evening of tea, cakes and talks of teenage depression.

  Posted: 24.06.19 at 17:38 by Sam Lewis

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Penarth Literature Festival 2019 came to a close yesterday evening. It was a successful four-day event attended by many authors and literature loving locals.

Sam Lewis, attended one of the earlier events for Nub News. He discusses the evening below.

On the 20th of June, Griffin Books hosted Penarth Literature Festival at the Waterloo tea for an audience with Mike Shooter, author of ‘Growing Pains’.

Shooter’s Growing Pains, commended by Stephen Fry as an ‘insightful book which will change lives’ takes inspiration not just from his personal adolescent struggle but from 40 years in the field of child psychology.

Despite the weighted talking point, the event itself was warm and receptive. Shooter’s talk composed of telling stories of past clients, some of whom were in the audience, taking pleasure in praising the humbled author for ‘saving [their] life’ decades ago.

Through engaging stories, Shooter was able to captivate the Penarthian audience, providing insight into the challenges of teenage life. A reminder that growing up isn’t easy. More than anything though, Shooter’s talk was brutally honest, leaving the only thing sugar-coated that evening to the tea shop’s cinnamon fruit loafs.

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The Q and A element of the evening comprised of talks of social media, parenting and local schooling, commenting that despite Penarth being a ‘beautiful area’ it’s ‘not exempt’ from the national talk on mental health. However, Shooter stated that he was hopeful of more inclusive policies being introduced in South Wales schools.

The Griffin Books event was well accommodated for as Waterloo Tea provided a selected array of wines, teas and nibbles, which were gratefully received by the Penarthian crowd. The hospitable atmosphere led to comfortable and inclusive discussions on metal health amongst the audience.

As the talk closed and the signing commenced, locals flocked with books in hand and compliments at the ready. This is definitely one for the reading list.

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