Meet the Co-op colleague baking up a storm for Penarth during COVID

Penarth has seen an outpouring of goodwill throughout the pandemic. Some have raised large sums for local causes, while others have been working behind the scenes to spread joy in their community.

Sean Leach falls firmly in the latter camp.

“I didn’t have much when I was growing up, so I understand the value of helping others,” Co-op colleague Sean tells Nub News while mixing a fresh batch of cookie dough.

“If someone is having a bad day and I can help them by giving them something I’ve got, then that’s what being a community is all about.”

Sean, who has been a customer team member in Co-op’s Penarth branch store since 2007, has been baking cookies and pastries for hospitals, schools and small businesses throughout the pandemic.

Describing himself as an “above average” baker, Sean’s only reward is the gratification of those who get to enjoy his donations.

“During COVID, a lot of people have been under pressure and under strain, so a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

“It feels good to help people, and I’m really trying to go the extra mile. I even try to cater for dietary requirements, so I’ve been doing lots of vegan, gluten free, dairy free, that sort of thing.”

Gary Stent, Penarth Co-op store manager, says he was not surprised to hear that Sean had been using his spare time to help the community.

“Sean is such a popular guy at the Co-op. I often hear customers using his first name and asking for cooking advice – he’s just one of those people who everyone likes in the community.

“He’s yet another member of staff who really epitomises what the Co-op is all about.”

Sean says being a Co-op colleague was part of what inspired him to get baking.

“The Co-op is such a community-oriented store that it encourages us colleagues to develop relationships with customers, so that has definitely been an inspiration.

“I love chatting with customers and finding common interests with them – and it seems like everyone loves cookies.”

Sean’s kind gestures epitomise the community spirit that has helped Penarth through the pandemic.

When Co-op Members buy own-brand products and services, 2p for every £1 spent goes to support local causes and community organisations. Download the Co-op app to get personalised offers every week and select your local cause. To download the Co-op app, search ‘Co-op’ in the App Store.

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