Knitted Rainbow for the NHS Pulled Off Railings in Penarth

  Posted: 26.06.20 at 16:07 by The Editor

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Last night a few metres of the knitted rainbow, that a group of local residents have come together to create, was ripped down from railings on Windsor Road in Cogan.

The rainbow is being strung from the start of Dingle Park all the way up to Llandough hospital.

We spoke to Christine Kerr, the resident behind the project, who said: ''Four of them were pulled down but I rescued and returned them to their places.

''I have had so many positive remarks from “they always make me smile”, or, "I go down Windsor Road on my way to work to see how they’ve grown”.

''I’ve never had any negative reactions and I get some many comments from passersby when I’m hanging them up.

''I currently have a team of around 8 volunteers and we've only got five houses to go before we’ve completed the row. Then we continue onto the leisure centre and up Andrew Road to Llandough Hospital.

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"I think all of our knitters are thoroughly enjoying themselves and the comments we receive and the fundraising make it well worth the effort."

A box filled with donations of books and gifts was also kicked around and the contents damaged in the same area.

If you want to find out more about the Knit a Rainbow project you can read our original article here.

You can keep up to date with their progress here.

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