An Insight Into the Deck Replacing Pier 64 at Penarth Marina

  Posted: 31.07.20 at 15:12 by Zola Hargreaves

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The Deck will be replacing the building that used to be Pier 64 in hopes of reviving and renewing the space which shut its doors earlier this year.

We spoke to Philip Lay, from Coastline Bars, all about the upcoming opening and their hopes for The Deck going forward.

They have not released an official opening date yet, but their hope is to do so in line with Welsh Government plans with a preliminary date set for the weekend following the August 3rd changes.

He said: ‘’It does all depend on how it goes with contractors and developers because getting stuff sorted at the moment with everything going on is very challenging in the COVID environment.”

Pier 64 has struggled to take hold at the Penarth’s iconic marina, with two insolvencies filed within a year of one another. The Deck hopes to change things up and become a more open and inviting experience which more local residents can enjoy.

“We have renamed it because we want it to be different. I think it’s generally just going to be a bit more accessible.

“We’ve also created a much warmer environment in the bar area. We are very happy if people just want to come in for a drink or for some light bites and snacks

“We have the benefit with Coastline Bars that we have a strong relationship with the Marina, so we have been able to put the large floating deck in as well. We will be able to have people down there for food and drink.

“It will have an outdoor service area, so we can provide food and drink down there when the sun is shining.

“The Deck is going to bring a vibrant, fun food and beverage outlet to the Marina. It’s a very unique location and we look forward to welcoming locals and visitors alike. It’ll provide boat owners and marina residents with a great feeling of belonging when they come in, we want them to feel part of what we’re doing as well as those from further afield.”

Regarding what food will be on offer the answer is a wide variety of items.

“We are going to be opening on some days from 9 am for breakfasts and coffees as well as a sensible lunchtime menu (burgers, pasta and fresh fish).

“Going into the evening we will have similar stuff but with more on offer as well (fish platters, meat platters etc).

“You know if you want to have a burger and a beer, come and see us. But equally if you want to have a Plateau fruits de mer with a bottle of champagne, you can also come and see us.”

The business is currently recruiting but when they re-open they will be following all of the restrictions due to coronavirus, so staff numbers will be limited. Post COVID they hope to employ around 20-25 staff which is how many lost their jobs when the previous business closed down.

Coastline Bars is part of the Boatfolk Group who manage Penarth Marina and run food. This is the first time that Coastline Bars will be managing the venue themselves without outsourcing a management team.

“We are really excited to be able to do this project. I think it will have a great buzz. Watch out for the website which will be launched very soon because people will need to book to come in.”

To keep up to date with the latest follow their Facebook page here.

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