UPDATE: Stol Coffee Bringing Penarth Closer Together One Drink (And Cookie) at a Time

  Posted: 17.08.20 at 15:09 by Alex Jones

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In July, Nub News spoke with Peter Skoczylas - the tricycling founder of Stol Coffee. He was just launching his one-man mission to bring Penarth closer together over the freshly baked cookies and homebrewed coffee he delivers.

A month later, Peter tells us he is having some success.

“As a business we are growing all the time. But more importantly we are building meaningful relationships in the community.

“I started this business when Penarth needed a pick-me-up. Everyone was frightened of coronavirus and I wanted to spread joy, and I can see that happening all the time.

“Yesterday [Sunday] a group of loyal customers and I had our second weekly meet-up. People who didn’t know each other came together through me and my coffee. This is what I set out to do and it’s beginning to happen.”

Originally from Poland but now a Penarth resident, Peter takes a unique approach to running a business, one that places a rare emphasis on community. Our conversation in Alexandra Park was more philosophical than commercial.

A Stol community meet-up (Photo credit: Stol)

“I think every business in the modern day needs to find a deeper reason behind what they do.

“The reason for me is to show people the value of social interaction. When I go to someone’s door, we smile and we talk and create a connection. Maybe their neighbour comes out and joins us, and after I leave they keep talking to one another. That’s meaningful.”

But Stol Coffee isn’t all chit-chat. Peter is passionate about his products.

“The coffee is hand-picked from ethical sources in Colombia and I bake the cookies every evening at home. When people buy things from the shops or from chains today, they have no connection to the story behind what they are buying. For them things just come out of thin air.

“What I’m doing is creating a link between the customers and the source of the products and people seem to be craving that. Like my grandfather said: ‘good products don’t need advertisements because they advertise themselves’.”

Stol products (Photo credit: Stol)

Peter currently sells around 40 units a day at £2.60 for a coffee and £2.20 for his vegan cookies. This figure is growing all the time, but profit doesn’t seem to be Peter’s main concern.

“I’m not trying to build a business that will make me a six-figure salary, I’m trying to build one that brings people closer together at a time when we all seem to be growing further apart.

"We are all highly sociable creatures and we can only make the world a better place when we’re together.”

Order a coffee on Peter's website (https://www.stolcoffee.co.uk/s/shop) or call him on 07477 114009.

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