The Vale Council Issues Stark Warning Over the Use of Cosmeston and Other Parks

  Posted: 21.05.20 at 11:27 by Zola Hargreaves

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The Vale of Glamorgan Council has warned residents that parks and open spaces will be forced to close again if visitors continue to break rules regarding their use.

Restrictions relating to parks and country parks were amended last week to allow limited access following a small adjustment in the lockdown regulations issued by Welsh Government.

That came after a period of closure to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Those living locally are allowed to use Cosmeston, Porthkerry and other parks for exercise providing a two-metre social distance is kept from anyone not from the same household.

This period of exercise should start and finish at home and not involve travelling a significant distance.

It was made clear that leisure activities, such as picnicking, sunbathing and barbecuing were not permitted.

However, last weekend saw a raft of people ignore the restrictions to engage in these activities, while some removed safety barriers, entered play parks that had been cordoned off, drove to locations and congregated in groups. There were also reports of individuals abusing parks staff.

Cllr Neil Moore, Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “This behaviour is simply not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

“I should not need to remind people of the seriousness of the current situation and the very real threat coronavirus still poses.

“Restrictions relating to parks were recently adjusted so that those living locally could use them for exercise – nothing else. Leisure activities like the ones we saw people indulging in last weekend are not allowed, nor is travelling to these locations.

“I appreciate the benefit these spaces can provide people, but we are keeping their operation under constant review and will not hesitate to close them again if visitors continue to break the rules and act irresponsibly.”