Penarth Woman With Autism Hoping to Inspire Others with Online Arts and Crafts Store

Romana Thomas is a 22 year old Penarth resident with autism and learning difficulties. She has limited speech but she thrives on arts projects and has recently set up a small craft shop online.

Angela Thomas, Romana's mother, said: ''My daughter is a Dimensions learning disability and autism leader 2019. She will have this role until October and she has been working hard over lockdown creating lots of crafts hoping to inspire others with disabilities to be active.

"When she was small I couldn’t even get her to paint a picture, but now she will sit for hours sewing, painting, creating. It’s so wonderful, she’s an inspiration.

"I’ve been supporting her to make driftwood wall hangings, tea light holders, embroidery, and since we bought her a pottery wheel, lots of air dry clay pottery.

"We have set up an Etsy shop and a Facebook page for her to sell her crafts and put the money towards a kiln so she can create fired ceramics.

"I would love for people to know about her and see what she’s been doing, and maybe support her to develop her start up."

Romana Makes

You can see her Facebook page here

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