Family and Dog Rescued from Sinking Yacht

  Posted: 09.07.19 at 10:42 by The Editor

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RNLI lifeboats from Barry Dock, Penarth and Portishead launched on Friday night to assist a family and dog on a 26-foot yacht taking on water.

The RNLI volunteers from Barry Dock launched the all-weather lifeboat and Penarth launched both inshore lifeboats shorty after 5:30pm.

The yacht was located three miles south of Weston Super Mare and had a family of three and their dog on board.

On arrival, Barry Dock RNLI volunteers transferred the family and their pet over to the safety of the all-weather lifeboat and two lifeboat crew were transferred over to the yacht, along with a salvage pump, to try and prevent the yacht from sinking.

The yacht was then taken in tow to Portishead marina where the tow was transferred to Portishead RNLI. The yacht was later taken out of the water by the marina staff to prevent it from sinking.

Barry Dock RNLI Coxswain Martin Bowmer said: 'The early action taken by the family onboard in raising the alarm preventing what could have a much more serious incident.'

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Barry Dock volunteer lifeboat crew then returned to station and the all-weather lifeboat was ready for service at 9:15pm.

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