Former Women's Welsh Rugby Player Holds Exercise Classes From Balconies and Gardens in Penarth

  Posted: 26.03.20 at 10:26 by The Editor

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A local fitness fanatic and former Welsh Rugby Union player, Laura Prosser, got her neighbours up and moving in Penarth Marina during the UK lockdown.

Participants took part from their balconies and gardens, ensuring that they were a safe 2m distance apart and enjoyed it so much that they are going to make the classes a regular thing.

Laura told Nub News: ''I have lived in Penarth Marina for nearly 10 years and honestly I know some of the neighbours but really hadn't said much more than hello to some people who share our communal gardens.

''As a fitness fanatic, I spend much of my time in the garden working out and on Sunday one of the neighbours mentioned I should do something for them all while we are all in lockdown so I wrote up a quick leaflet and dropped it through the doors saying I would start a little session 11 am on Monday morning just gone.

''I was amazed to have 12 people show up on Monday and the camaraderie was lovely during this testing time.

''So we decided Mon, Wed and Fri 11 am we will run the sessions and most are obviously staying in their own gardens or just in front of their own homes and everybody is much more than two metres apart, it's just a bit of fun and it just got everybody talking and introducing one another over the fences.

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''The couple up on the balcony is in full isolation due to him suffering bronchitis and they said it was the highlight of their day yesterday to see and speak to humans as they cannot currently leave their house.

''Eighteen people showed up yesterday.

''I actually run a gym called Atlantic Way Cross Fit in Sully and used to play rugby union for Wales so I just love fitness but my passion is getting everyone moving regardless of age or ability.''

Laura Prosser, behind the classes, played for the Welsh Women's Rugby team before she retired following the Six Nations in 2013.

She now co-owns Atlantic Way Cross Fit where she helps others reach their fitness goals after trialling and testing the Cross Fit methods for herself.

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