"It was so surreal" - The fence post that caused a Sully bomb scare

  Posted: 05.04.21 at 17:22 by Alex Jones

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A resident on South Road, Sully (who wishes to remain anonymous) was out gardening on sunny Good Friday when she found it... a large metal object embedded in the soil.

Protruding from her flower bed was a rusted metal rim from which four ridges extended.

She thought it looked suspicious.

Looking at the pictures, you can see why.

"I have a few military friends so called them," she recalls. "They strongly advised calling the police, which I did (at roughly 1:30pm).

"The call handler was great and explained how common the calls were and that I did the right thing."

(Image by Chris Aynge)

Police arrived within 15 minutes. They proceeded to call the Ministry of Defence's ordnance disposal team after agreeing that the object did indeed resemble an explosive device.

Roads were closed and houses within 100m were evacuated "as a precautionary measure [...] until bomb disposal experts arrived," explained a South Wales Police spokesperson.

"The bomb disposal team were great but even they thought it was suspicious, so decided to do an X-ray," continues the resident.

After the X-ray revealed nothing concerning, the team dug down to discover that the object is in fact a cast iron fence post.

"My goodness is was a crazy day," the resident tells Nub News.

"The police were great and so calm. They and MOD said contacting police was the right thing to do.

"It was just so surreal, but gave us all a break from COVID."

Another resident referred to it as "the most exciting thing that's happened in months."

The police contacted the resident again on Sunday to ensure the object had not been disposed of, which may lead to a similar scare.

It hadn't.

"We've decided to make a feature of it in the garden."

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