Burst water pipe affects thousands of Penarth homes

  Posted: 13.09.21 at 10:58 by Ellyn Wright

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Thousands of Penarth homes are without water this morning, after a mains burst.

The burst was reported at 4am, near Elizabethan Court.

Water is now flooding down onto Windsor Road, Andrew Road and into Penarth Leisure Centre.

Several Welsh Water tankers have arrived in town with supplies of fresh drinking water.

A worker at the scene told Nub News: “It’ll be fixed today, that’s all I can say. The implication is that 5,000 properties have been affected.

“The tarmac has lifted as a result of the burst. It’s a big job.”

The water flowed from the burst mains at Elizabethan Court, down Windsor Road

Some properties along Andrew Road have been damaged by the water.

Drains along this road appear to be blocked, and at least one property has been flooded.

Local residents have been advised to ring the fire brigade to ask for sandbags.

Staff at the leisure centre opposite were helping visitors in and out of the centre, with large puddles forming in the car park.

Welsh Water estimates that the breach will be fixed by midday, an hour later than it first suggested. Some 4,500 homes have been affected.

Traffic moved slowly along Windsor Road

At 10.27am, the company posted the following update: “We now have tankers in the area pumping water back into the network, to help keep as many customers on supply as possible while the repair work is carried out.

“Thank you for your ongoing patience with us. We apologise for any inconvenience caused”.

All public toilets in Penarth have been closed, the Vale Council has announced and the library has also shut.

Cogan Primary School and Albert Primary School have closed due to the severe disruption.

Watch our report live from the scene here.

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