Snell Hits Back at Rogue Trader Selling Over Priced Sanitiser

  Posted: 24.03.20 at 17:55 by The Editor

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Signs signalling that a local business was selling hand sanitisers on Stanwell Road, outside Windsor Buildings, has caused controversy due to the inflated prices and an inaccurate association with a popular local store.

A B Snell and Sons ran into issues when hand sanitisers being sold near their premises were then associated with their store.

The sanitisers were being sold at the rate of £5 for a small bottle which was causing upset among members of the public.

Richard Snell said: ''We sell hand sanitiser for the retail price if and when we can get hold of it but this is just someone taking advantage of people.

''In the greatest spirit of things, there are other things to worry about than people profiteering on these items.

''We were being associated with the sales because of how close the sign was to our store. People thought it was to do with us but we haven’t had hand sanitiser in stock for two weeks.

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''I have made my feelings known in no uncertain terms.

''I know an 87-year-old woman who paid 12 pounds for it. It's just unfair.

''My businesses reputation is almost 60 years old and my late father would turn in his grave if he knew that we were selling things at prices like that.

''Everything we sell, we sell at the correct prices and we only increase in line with new stock. All of our old stock will not get a new price even if those products prices rise whilst we are selling them.

''It is a moral thing that we have in place. The way you should do business.

''We have a huge loyal customer base, and we would never want to be associated with that.''

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