Plans for Penarth's Historical South Lodge Could Change

  Posted: 19.06.19 at 12:51 by The Editor

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The Edwardian South Lodge in Windsor Gardens could be leased for a range of uses beyond the original plans for a catering facility.

A report, presented to the Vale cabinet on June the 17th, considers a range of potential functions, including: Residential Visitor accommodation, Tea Rooms/Gallery Space, Appropriate Community uses, Tourism related uses and Appropriate Office Uses.

The report states that, ''given the views South Lodge benefits from and the potential uniqueness of being a park keepers cottage it could have significant appeal in a range of markets.

''It is not proposed to invite proposals to turn South Lodge into a residential home.

''For this reason, it is recommended that South Lodge be advertised as a commercial opportunity without limiting it to catering uses as being the only opportunity that the Council would consider.''

Bidders will be invited to submit proposals based on a lease period of ten years.

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However, the important historical context of the building is also reflected on.

The report states that, ''any future development proposals for South Lodge will need to respect its “County Treasure” status, preserve and enhance the Penarth Conservation Area and the adjoining Grade II listed Windsor Gardens.

''Additionally, any future use of the Lodge would need to be sensitive to the amenity of the adjoining residential area and maintain public access to Windsor Gardens.''

South Lodge in Windsor Gardens, Penarth was identified as a leasable asset by the Vale of Glamorgan in July 2015.

Work has been undertaken by the Director of Environment and Housing to explore a range of potential uses for the building.

In January 2018, the Vale Cabinet approved proposals to progress a range of commercial opportunities in the Council’s parks.

South Lodge was identified as being suitable for a catering operation.

The Director of Environment and Housing undertook a marketing exercise for South Lodge based on a catering use.

During this period, officers identified that South Lodge may be suitable for a range of uses, ''including but not limited to a catering facility.''

The report was agreed on by the Cabinet on June the 17th.

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